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Technology at the Service of Health

At the heart of our telemedicine company lies a story of personal transformation and tragedy, intertwined with the power of technology. It all started in 2018, when Diego Kumorkiewicz, our CEO and founder, experienced firsthand how a smart device could make a difference in personal health. Living far from the urban center, one day his smartwatch detected a cardiac arrhythmia indicating sustained atrial fibrillation. Despite initial dismissal by a doctor, a specialist confirmed the condition. This experience not only saved his life by allowing him to start treatment on time, but it also sowed the seed for something much bigger.

A few months later, tragedy struck when a good friend of Diego's suffered a fatal stroke. hours after doctors minimized his symptoms as a simple headache. These events crystallized in Diego the urgent need for a medical solution that was not only accessible, but extremely accurate and reliable.

Moved by his passion for technology and his deep knowledge in the area of ​​​​health, Diego embarked on a mission to create a platform that could radically change the access and quality of healthcare. Our company is born from the combination of advanced artificial intelligence and telemetry devices to monitor health in real time, allowing potential problems to be detected before they become emergencies.

Today, our platform not only diagnoses accurately, but also connects patients with real doctors to ensure proper follow-up. By making medicine more accessible and trusted, we are committed to not only improving lives, but saving them.

This is the legacy and mission that drives us every day in our company: bringing healthcare to quality to every corner of the world, ensuring that no one is left behind due to lack of access or resources. We invite investors and partners to join us in this noble and vital enterprise, to together transform the future of global health.

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