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Guardia Virtual is built on a solid foundation of technological innovation and experience in the field of healthcare. Our platform carefully integrates next-generation telemedicine systems with globally validated AI algorithms. This allows patients to connect with health professionals in real time, through virtual medical consultations, secure chats and access to reliable medical information.

It offers a clear and fluid video call, with the same characteristics of a in-person consultation, thanks to the definition of its screen and the quality of its audio. Built-in AI triage enables accurate and efficient initial assessment of patient symptoms.


They are very easy to understand devices, with an intuitive interface that allows any user to use them without complications. These digital measurement tools are the ideal complement for the doctor to add data, in real time, to the symptoms described by the patient. This results in optimal communication that maintains the warmth and trust of the human bond and, at the same time, respects privacy.

  • Accessible and available anytime, anywhere.

  • Friendly and easy to use.

  • Certainty in the evaluation of symptoms.

  • Accurate diagnosis and medical support.

  • Reduction of environmental and economic footprint.

  • Complete primary healthcare process.

  • Reservation of personal data.

  • National and international certificates and endorsements.

- Temperature
- Blood pressure
- ECG / electrocardiogram
- Oximeter
Ergonomic chair with armrests.
Ample space to provide comfort and very easy access for sanitizing the device.

We work closely with a diverse team of health and technology experts to ensure the effectiveness and safety of each Virtual Guard component. From software development to telemetry device deployment, every aspect of our platform is designed with the goal of delivering a seamless, high-quality healthcare experience for our users.
In addition, we strive to remain at the forefront of the latest trends and advances in telemedicine, ensuring that Guardia Virtual remains a leading solution in the constantly evolving digital healthcare market.

Technical specifications

  • Total height: 1.82 meters

  • Total width: 75cm

  • Depth: 75cm

  • 32'' Touch Screen

  • 4K AI Camera + HD Sound

  • Luminous logo

  • Space for Telemetry devices

  • Luminous LED

  • Power supply: 110 V - 220 V AC

  • Connectivity: Ethenet / WI FI 802.11 b/g/n / 4G